It was nice to see you last night,
but it just didn’t feel right.

After you left,
I stood in the shower
for an hour.

I fell to the floor,
I felt so sore.

I felt disgusting.

I felt humiliated.

Once again,
everything felt so fake

I did everything for our friendship’s sake.

But you don’t even know if you want that
from me anymore.

Why do we keep doing this.

It is so wrong.

cropped-c16bdca9cff78eaa544147ecad9492cc1.jpeg ©Copyright 2013 by Shaz at For The Love Of Sass
All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on ““Wrong”

  1. Nobody can make you feel small or insignificant. You answered your own questions in the poem, you felt sore, humiliated and disgusting which I am sure is not what you were seeking. Find your happiness within yourself and shine so bright that you light up rooms!!

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