Halloween, ending class,and other weekly musings!

Oh reader,

What a very eventful week! This week completed my student teaching journey- I miss my students terribly already. I don’t know why because I do crash their parties and we all go out to dinner once a week haha. I guess I’m just afraid we won’t be as close as we used to be anymore because we used to see each other twice a week for class AND for our outings. But, I know I taught them well and will keep bumping into them in the future.

I love all of my students. The first week of class when all we did was take field trips around the city and I would lead them- I declared that I was their mama duck and they were my ducklings. So they are like my own children- but only one year younger than me!

Anyways, I love one of my “ducklings” so much. He always lets me know which guy is checking me out and always walks me back home because he is so protective of his mother duck. So, this week we went to Chipotle together and our cashier…asked for my name and gave me a discount!!!! And he said the next time I come, he’ll give me a free item. I gave a look to my student…he gave me a look back right away.

My student immediately started teasing me and said he wouldn’t mind a daddy duck that can get him free burritos! I slapped him lol.

For Halloween, one of our friends (another student) was having a party. And by party I mean a party without alcohol and drugs. Just spending time with friends. We all wanted to be good because well….that’s just the way we were raised. Also, I had to get ready for class the next day.

Anyways, so many funny things happened on our way to the party! First we waited for our train and saw about a billion people dressed as Miley Cyrus. Cute. Then after we got off the train,we waited outside in the rain for our bus. A lot of people in wacky costumes stormed past us…when all of a sudden, a guy dressed up as a devil dropped part of his costume. My student (the over protective one), picked it up for him, and looked at us and said “….I just gave the devil his ruling stick back”. LOLLLLLLLL. Made my whole week.

Around 10, I really had to get going and all my students wanted to stay and party. But of course my one over-protective duckling offered to take me home. Awww so glad I had him.

the truth 7“C” texted on the day of Halloween with a “So…I’m single”. Like I was supposed to give a f—. But I decided to be nice and I texted back “I’m sorry”. And then he texted back “Yea. She cheated on me”. Well, then. Now you know what it feels like.

I’m sorry reader, but, I have no sympathy for guys that hook up with other girls when they are with me (and that’s exactly what C did!) He then proceeded to invite me to his frat’s Halloween party that he was hosting. I said no thanks.

Hooray for me 🙂 So, the men I want are not talking to me. And the men I don’t want suddenly want me. But what else is new?

My independence is getting better. I miss my mom all the time but I keep myself busy and count the days until I can go home 🙂

xoxo. SassPrincess.


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