College Blues

1) You don’t have money to buy some food one night, so you go through your pantry and eat some cereal/ramen.

2) One of your best friends hooks up with your man … and doesn’t know.

3) Your man hooks up with one of your best friends… knows what he’s doing, and doesn’t give a shit.

4) You sit between the two people mentioned above at meetings and it’s rather awkward….

5) Every day, is the same play. Class, work, exercise, attend meetings, eat, and hopefully sleep.

6) Sometimes you don’t go to sleep. Thanks a lot Bio lab reports!

7) The options to have “fun” are limited when you are a good girl that doesn’t drink.

8) You wish you had your mommy/daddy to comfort you 😦

Grrr. Don’t mind me. Just shuffling through!

xoxo. SassPrincess.

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