And so… I am off to Nicaragua!

travelThe day is here reader 🙂

After a challenging summer of working, fundraising, heartbreak, and summer school- I am off to my medical service trip! Yes reader, I will not have any working electronic devices with me. NO BLOGGING FOR 9 DAYS! I know, I know. That’s like saying I can’t eat 😦 But, there are so many people in Nicaragua that need my help right now. I want to be a blessing to them, and I want to explore and find myself.

So I send my love to my readers ❤ Please keep me in your mind and read my previous posts if you start to miss me. I still expect fan mail and wishes from my readers! I want to come back here safe with stories to tell you 🙂 You guys are what keep me going ❤ I promise to write you as soon as I get back! 🙂

I have some other exciting news. While I am gone, on “Words Wednesday” of next week, one of my good blogger friends Kira will be releasing a wordle of my very poignant poem “Home Is Where You Are”- Poem of the Week I AM SO FLATTERED! I’m not sure what the link is since it hasn’t been published yet, but I will be sure to re-blog it as soon as I get back!

Hugs to all my readers (I WILL MISS YOU!) ,

xoxo. S.


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