“Putting You In A Poem”

Putting you in a poem,
isn’t easy.

You must be flattered.
but all I understand is that my heart is shattered.

Here’s to you.

I write and erase,
I erase those memories out of my head.

I write and cross out,
I cross out the things I wish didn’t happen.

I write and use white out.
I use white out on everything I pray you would undo.

Suddenly I’m back to where I started.

A blank piece of paper,
and a blank heart.

You see,
putting you in a poem isn’t easy.

So next time you read something that makes you feel flattered,
understand that to me it actually mattered.

cropped-c16bdca9cff78eaa544147ecad9492cc1.jpeg ©Copyright 2013 by SassPrincess.
All rights reserved.

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