My Best Friend Steven- His compassion, acceptance, and more…

Hello reader!

Did you miss me? Yes I know 😦 Believe me, it’s been so hard these past few weeks after the heartbreak with “Sugar”. All I do is stare out the window, and wonder what I can write about for the day. Even though I have a lovely blogger schedule, I can’t think with a broken heart. But that’s where my best friend Steven comes in! He always gives me the best ideas and advice when I’m down in the dumps, and I just love him ❀

I hope all of you are just as blessed to have a bestie like Steven πŸ™‚

Why I Love Him:

1.) He has a big heart- Besides me, I have no idea who else has a big heart. Steven sure does. He once wrote in my yearbook that I’m one of the sweetest girls he’s ever met!!! What? He’s one of the sweetest guys I ever met! He always tells the truth, keeps his promises, and always cheers me up when I’m sad.

best friend2.) He accepts me- My other three guy best friends constantly torment me for my “silly little love life”. They only do it because they love me and hate that I keep getting hurt. I still don’t like it. That’s why I love Steven, he understands and encourages me to keep my heart open. He doesn’t judge my decisions and let’s me speak for myself. He also helps me understand the things I can’t. He knows I’m a wild, crazy, passionate woman and still loves me.

3.) He think I’m perfect just the way I am- This is my absolute favorite. One time, I asked him what are two words that best describe me. I thought he would say, “sassy and compassionate” because that’s what everyone else always says. But he actually said, “exotic and bestevenautiful!”. I don’t know why it really made my day. I asked him if he meant that and he said, “Absolutely dearest Shaz, those were first two words that came to my mind”. And then later, when I was having a crappy day, he tweeted this at me ❀

4.) He’s fun to talk to- He always knows the right thing to say. Although he’s honest- he won’t tell you anything you don’t want to hear or anything that will hurt you.

5.) He says he’ll have my babies- Steven is honestly so sweet that I always ask him if he will marry me. He always says the same thing, “The answer will always be yes, Shaz”. ❀ *Blushes* I tell him that we can’t because, well I’m a Sagittarius woman and he will never be able to match my energy in the bedroom πŸ˜‰ He said I’ll never know haha!!!

micheal buble6.) He has an AMAZING voice! And he just denies it. Some other people deny it too but I love it. He is the only guy who I will ever let sing Micheal Buble to me. He always sings “Haven’t Met You Yet” for me ❀ That’s our song. If only he could sing Sara Bareilles too :/

7.) There is never a dull moment with him- I always say, best friend 1that if I had to be stuck in an elevator withΒ  someone, it would have to be Steven! He would crack me up with his awkwardness, cheer me up with his flattering comments about me, and listen to every dirty thing I had to say lol.

My favorite conversation between us:

Me: “Steven, one day when I’m a famous author, you’ll be like- that crazy woman was my best friend!”

Steven: “You mean is Shaz. That crazy woman IS my best friend!”

I hope all of you have a friend like Steven in your life πŸ™‚ He is truly a gift to me.

And as for you Steven, bless your heart. I’m blessed to have you in my life and can’t wait for more adventures with you!

xoxo. Shaz. (You would NEVER call me SassPrincess!) πŸ™‚


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