I chose me.

Beautiful ❤

uNswEetenEd muSinGs

In the middle of  a very busy day yesterday, I made a choice.Image

The heart was slowly being torn into pieces but I have to brave it in order for me not to get hurt later and hurt some more people.  I never want to be entangled in a complicated relationship again.
I am just tired that I am being handed the same cards over and over again – some complicated  relationships  when I only want a harmonious and happy one.  The friend reminded me though that I may be in this same hole again and again because I never learn.  I make the same decisions when faced with the same shit.  The only thing constant in this is I always end being hurt.
And so I choose me today.  And right now I don’t give a damn if i’ll not be in a relationship again. Me and myself is…

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