Rescuing a baby bird, Sara Bareilles’s new album, and other weekly musings!

As I was walking my dog yesterday, she suddenly pulled me and I followed and that ‘s when I saw her staring at the cutest thing ever. I didn’t know if it was a baby goose or a baby bird or what. But it was smaller than the size of our fist and looked so innocent. I looked around for its mommy but couldn’t find it. I did not have the heart to let it die in this weather that feels like a heat wave. So I called my mom, and she said it was a baby bird and that we could take it inside a nurture it for a while.

We built him a shoe box and gave him some water. I warmed up an old t-shirt for it to sleep in and kept him away from my dog. It slept a lot, and I was happy he survived and woke up in the morning! I didn’t want him to be away from his natural habitat for so long, so my mom and I did some looking around and found his nest. We returned him there and told him to be safe.

And that is the story of how I rescued a baby bird 🙂

My best friend Eitan said he liked the post I did on him yesterday and it made him really happy, he said it meant a lot to him 🙂 That makes me happy!

blessed unrestOther than that, Sara Bareilles released her new album this week! I’ve been waiting for it to come out for so long. And let me tell you, she did not disappoint. I can feel an emotion with every single song on this album. A few that I liked:

“I Choose You”– All about finally finding that special someone. So cute.

“Brave”– Pretty sure I blogged about this one but it’s just beautiful in every single way and gives me the self-confidence I need.

“Parking Lot”– Oh this song ❤

“Beautiful Girl”– This is tied for favorite with “Little Black Dress”. I honestly can’t believe how amazing this song is. It’s like she’s speaking to you. She understands how you feel. Unfortunately, this is also a special track and only available on the Target album.

“Little Black Dress”– This is my FAVORITE one! As I posted in this week’s Song of the Week section, the lyrics really speak to me. It is the feeling that I describe in half of my poems, loving someone and being stood up by them. It makes me want to pour a glass of wine, put on a little black dress, and dance around. Maybe I’ll do that tonight 😉 Happy Friday!

xoxo. S.

4 thoughts on “Rescuing a baby bird, Sara Bareilles’s new album, and other weekly musings!

  1. Well done on the bird rescue! It’s so hard to now what to do with them but it sounds like you did the right thing,
    I LOVE S. Bareilles but had no idea about this album, so thanks … I have the songs playing on youtube now 😀

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