The violin, guitar, and love!

Happy love advice Thursday dear reader!

musicianThis love advice Thursday, I want your help. I’m giving you the inside scoop. I always fall for musicians!

Let me tell you, ever since I was little, I loved the sounds of the beautiful violin as I was a competitive ballroom dancer. I loved dancing to instrumental songs more than songs with words. As I grew up, and got more into latin dancing, the Spanish guitar completely seduced me. Other than being a dancer, I think the fact that I was a flute player an elementary school and percussion player in middle school really contributed to my passion for music. But I have always had a love for violins and guitars.

I still love to close my eyes and just take in the music if I am ever surrounded by a violin or guitar player.

When I first moved in a block away and met “Sugar” in middle school, he had his cello in his hand and violinwas walking to Orchestra practice. I on the other hand, had my practice drum kit in my hand was on my way to Band practice. This is how we secretly bonded, only Band and Orchestra members had after school practice on Tuesdays. Oh how much I loved Tuesdays, it was just us with our big instruments on the bus and then walking balk to our houses together. One day, He told me he played drums too and took my drumsticks from me. I said I better hear him play his cello or violin one day. And so, years later, the day I heard “Sugar” play his violin was the day I finally fell in love with him. It’s like he put a spell on me! Forget kisses! I heard him play, and I could imagine us on an island together….

And then of course I met “Prince Player” and a bunch of other players who I heard were amazing guitar players. The only player that never played a song for me was “Prince Player”. I am still heartbroken by this, because when we first met, he told me he would love to play for me. I told him he could be my musician and I’ll be his dancer 😉 Yea that never happened! I was offended.

Anyways, I was always sad I dropped playing the flute and percussion. I was great at both in school. But now, I would love to learn either the violin or guitar. I’m leaning towards violin but I love both equally. I discussed this with my dad last night and he has agreed to buy me whichever one I like best. He’s a musician himself and is the one that inspired me to love playing music 🙂 If any of my readers have tips on which one is easier to play, or how to play in general, let me know!

xoxo. S.

2 thoughts on “The violin, guitar, and love!

  1. Violin is pretty but you have to scrunch it under your chin and it can dig into your collar bone, even with a pad. I think you don’t have to hold it that way when you play fiddle-style, not sure. On the other hand, getting the sound that comes from an electric violin or regular violin can be really awesome and fun. Hopefully, you’ll get to try both instruments before you decide.

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