The Perfect Guy Award- Landon from “A Walk to Remember”

awtr6Pass the tissues.

I have never cried so much during a movie. The sincerity and emotion of Landon (played by Shane West) in A Walk to Remember is outstanding.

Obviously he’s not sincere at first. He’s a typical bad boy who gets threatened with expulsion when one of his pranks goes to far. His punishment is to participate in school activities, he decides to join the dram club and this is where he encounters the lovely Jamie Sullivan (played by Mandy Moore). He knew her for many years, but never really talked to her to their differences. Jamie is a very smart, religious, and sweet girl. One that Landon and his friends love to bully.

As the drama club’s play gets close, Landon asks Jamie for her help. He ua walk to rememberses her to help him practice his lines, but as time goes by, he starts seeing a new side of Jamie.

awtr5On the opening night of the play, Jamie comes out looking AMAZING with an amazing singing voice to match it. Landon and everyone watches her in awe. The scene ends with Landon kissing Jamie in front of everyone.

After such an encounter, Landon starts liking Jamie, but Jamie keeps turning away. One day, one of his friends publicly humiliates Jamie….but Landon comes out, and punches his friend in fornt of everyone making it clear he likes Jamie and is on her side.

They finally begin a relationship and start to go through Jamie’s “wish-list”. (YOU HAVE TO SEE THEa walk to remember 4 MOVIE FOR ALL THESE THINGS! IT IS SO CUTE HOW LANDON MAKES ALL OF THEM COME TRUE FOR JAMIE!) He later finds out she has this wishlist because she has leukemia. When she is in the hospital one day, Landon is alongside her father refusing to leave. Even his friends come to visit and tell him how sorry they are, and they just didn’t know.

Landon goes on to help Jamie complete her wish list, including marrying her. They spent a whole summer together, and Jamie dies shortly after. But Landon goes on with his life, getting into med school. Plans after high school is something Landon ignored until he met Jamie. Her father is proud of him, and Landon apologizes that he didn’t get to grant Jamie’s last wish “to witness a miracle”. And her dad says, “She did. It was you.”

I teared up writing this. Waawtr8tch it if you haven’t reader (sorry if I added any spoilers!)

xoxo. S.

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