Women I Admire: Katy Perry

katy perry the movieReasons Why I Love Katy Perry:

1.) She’s her absolute self.

2.) She inspires others to be their absolute self.

3.) All of her songs are about things in her own life, she is a girl just like me.

4.) She believes in fairytales. “Because if you believe it, you can achieve it. And that goes for everything”.

Love her. Summer has given me time to watch all these movies, I katy perry 2don’t know why I’ve waited all this time to watch this particular one- as Katy is one of my favorite singers, but I love it. I love her sass and character. She doesn’t come off as a celebrity-she dresses the way she wants, she eats what she wants, and works hard for what she wants. And, she didn’t wear makeup in a lot of the scenes in the movie! She even grieves over relationships like a normal woman. I love how she still went and put on a great show during her busy tour, even when  she was exhausted and extremely sad over her katy perry 3divorce with Russel Brand. One minute her fans are cheering and she’s crying in her dressing room with everyone watching her, and the next minute she says…”let’s start”. She cries backstage again, one minute before the show, but still smiles and comes out on stage looking beautiful than ever.

I think she’s amazing. Every thing she says sounds like something I would say ❤

xoxo. S.

katy perry 1


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