I will never stop being played,
will I?

What is it about me,
that attracts “them”?

I thought that night
was more than just right.

No wonder why I haven’t heard from you in so long,
you were waiting for “her” all along.

You haven’t changed at all,
you still know how to make me feel so small.

When will this end?
It’s a stupid trend.

cropped-c16bdca9cff78eaa544147ecad9492cc1.jpeg ©Copyright 2013 by SassPrincess.
All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on ““Played”

  1. I think we have all been there on some level. Never quite knowing where we stand or having the feeling that we are the main dish, and the suddenly finding out we were their side dish *rollin eyes*

    Really relatable post, thank you for your honesty and for sharing. Let this be a lesson learnt with that individual, but not leave you feeling like you never want to give anyone else a chance 🙂

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