What My Freshman Year of College Taught Me

Can’t believe it. Seems like just yesterday I walked through these doors all nervous and excited about the new chapter in my life. And with that, this year brought many struggles and joys ❤ Time sure does fly by fast! Here’s what I learned 🙂

#1- Don’t give into guys quickly. You may think you’ve found “the one” after one month of getting to know this sweet guy, but beware. As the months go on, he’ll meet other girls and continue his “exploration”. So please wait longer than a month, maybe even two.

things happen for a reason#2- Don’t regret things. Things happen for a reason. You’re young and independent now. If you slip up and do something stupid, you know never to do it again. It’s okay to make mistakes, life didn’t come with a handbook.



no matter how#3- Show your face. Did you wake up feeling like hell after he dumped you last night? Put on some yoga pants, cute hoodie, and some lipstick and go to class anyway. He is not worth your grade or LOVE. It’s his loss! Once you get home, you can put your headphones on and slip away from the world if you want to. Or, you can find your girlfriends and eat/drink. Whichever works best for you! 😉

#4- Blessing or a Lesson? If a guy hurts you, don’t automatically start planning his revenge. It sucks, I get it. But there are always misunderstanding or reasons we never think about when they dump us. Even if they don’t have an excuse, understand God put them in our life for a reason. He was either a blessing that helped you find a part of yourself that you’ve never seen before, or he was a lesson teaching you to never a) become like him b) date someone like him again.

#5- Smile. Smile to your barista, cafeteria workers, and janitors. You’ll probably know these guys for four years. They work long hours, brighten their days with a smile and small talk.

#6- Get to know your cute guy neighbors. This is a must. When you can’t those jars open, you want them to be there!

#7- Have “comfort food” hidden somewhere! Whether it’s finals, a break-up, or PMS- you need chocolate! And other things for that matter…But beware, roommates steal these things like no other. Hide them under your bed in some decorative shoebox or something.

#8- Be active. Take use of the campus’s gym. Exercise gets you blood pumping and makes you feel happier.

#9- Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may be in college, and expected to be all independent, but come on. We all need somebody. So if you’re struggling, find someone and ask for help.

be who you are#10- Don’t let anyone change you or  your morals. If you come to college not wanting to get loose or participate in things like alcohol/drugs, don’t. The people who try to make you do it, aren’t worth it. I can honestly tell you that with a roommate that smoke and came home drunk almost every night, a shy girl like me was able to stand up to her and fight for my morals. You can do it too! 🙂

xoxo. SassPrincess.


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