5 Types of Men Every Sassy Woman Has in Her Life

boy best friends1.) The Best Friend- No matter what, this guy will always be there for her. He will comfort her in any possible. Whether she is trying to recover from a man or a hangover, he will have her back.

friends with benefits2.) The Friends With Benefits- This guy wants her. But fears intimacy will ruin their friendship. So he constantly behaves as a friend, as he constantly gets intimate with her. He will also be there for her no matter what, if he isn’t, he is what I call…a fuck buddy. (Read on!)

ef3.) The F— Buddy- This guy loves her. Only in an intimate way. All he wants to do, is be intimate with her. No commitment, no attachment. As soon as he feels attached, or feels she’s getting attached, he will drop her like a fly. He will also use this as an excuse to be a “f— buddy” to other girls as well. He will rarely respond to texts, even the ones asking for intimacy. Every move is determined by him. **Ladies, try to stay away from this man**. The intimacy will be outstanding, but the morning after, or hell even the days after…will not be!

4.) The Guy Next Door- He’s pretty charming. He’s seen her get the mail in her pajamas. He’s seen her walk her dog in heels. He’s seen the bedroom light on until 4am as she rights a lab report. He’s seen a lot… but they have never gotten closer than that!


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