There is something missing.

As the day goes by,
I stare out my window and sigh.

Every day,
is the same exact play.

I groan as I wake up,
and cover the truth with make-up.

I work so hard,
yet I get no reward.

On my way home,
I feel myself turn into foam.

I see you there,
it’s like a game of dare.

You grin and say “hi”,
but quite frankly I just want to cry.

Because you and I both know for sure,
that you want her.

After all the words you said,
you’d think you’d be here with me instead.

As I fake my smile,
I prepare for tomorrow’s mile.

I cozy up in my sweater,
and tell myself it will get better.

As my head hits the pillow,
I again stare out my window.

I thank God for my blessing,
and pray for what’s missing.

cropped-c16bdca9cff78eaa544147ecad9492cc1.jpeg   ©Copyright 2013 by SassPrincess.      
All rights reserved.


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