My 100th post! “How To Get (and keep) A Sassy Woman”

Can you believe it reader?

You have stood by me AND all of my sassiness for 100 posts!! I’m so happy 🙂 I had no idea I wrote this many! So for my 100th post, seeing as I didn’t really write a post for “Love Advice Thursday” and all I do is complain about men on this blog…I have prepared something that helps both ❤ Advice for men on how to get (and keep) *sassy women 🙂

*This works for ALL women in general, but just in case these are over dramatic or a little over board…I added the word sassy ❤

1.) Text her a good morning when you wake up. To her, it’s not just a “good morning”, it is a “I fell asleep thinking about you, and when I woke up you were the first thing on my mind”. Does it have to be as lengthy as the beautiful example I provided?   Absolutely not. But a simple “Good morning beautiful :)” would work!best-good-morning-text

Even better though, especially for us sassy woman… is if you call her 😉

sleepy voice

2.) Compliment her. Like her earrings? Tell her! Like her new hair that she dyed or got cut? Tell her! Does she look “cuter” than she normally does for some reason one day? Tell her! There is a good chance that as a sassy woman, she either a) felt extra conscience about whatever you complimented her on or b) didn’t even think about whatever you complimented her on BEFORE YOU COMPLIMENTED HER. So, hearing your words will make her extremely happy!

3.) Remember small details. As women, we remember EVERYTHING. It is scientifically proven that men forget things easily, so when you do remember things like…her favorite scent, flower, etc. it shows that you genuinely care.

4.) Get physical. HUSH. Men I know you got excited here :p I mean like, surprisingly hold hands with her sometimes, brush her hair away from her face when you guys are cuddling or just staring at each other, pull her onto your lap, hug her from behind around the waist, grab her hips before you kiss her. Little things, make a big difference.

hug 1    memories and wants

5.) Kiss her. Specifically on her forehead and hands. It’s called “courtship”, show her it still exists. Sometimes, kisses here means a lot more than kisses on the lips.

kiss 1 snug 2

6.) Read her emotions. If she says nothing is wrong, but isn’t smiling…or is smiling too much that you can tell it’s fake, stop what you’re doing with her and talk to her. Hold her and say you’re there for her and won’t do anything else with her until she tells you what’s wrong.

snug 1

7.) Show her off. If you really like her, talk to your friends and family about her and maybe even introduce her to them.

8.) Be there for her.

_If she tells you to leave her alone, this is a silent cry. Fight for her, sit and talk with her, show her that you care about her and want to be with her.

_Never cancel your plans with her if you can prevent it, you never know when she needs you the most. When you text/ call her saying you can’t make it, she’s going to reply “It’s okay :)” when it’s really not. She has this power to act like everything is okay, when everything is going wrong. This is the time she needs you the most.

I think I can have a field day with this post reader 🙂 I’ll conclude by saying this, these type of women have big hearts. Once you break it, she will NOT want to come back. Second chances are okay, but third and forth are not. Make it right the first time with these tips ❤

xoxo. S.


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