Finals Week Drama…and other weekly musings!

Hello reader ❤

Happy Friday! One more week and I will be DONE with this harsh Winter quarter. I’ve been walking around so unsassy all quarter-my hair up, my nails half done, my make up smeared…ugh. I’m serious, nothing has gone my way this quarter after working so hard. Well, except for the fact I got an on campus job that I really wanted ❤ But the thing is, I have to keep up my GPA to have it and I’m afraid it will slip 😦 I pray I do well on my finals to keep it.

My days that start at 8 am and end at 4 am is not pleasing. I need more sleep and next time I will remember not to make 3/4 of my courses science related! As part of my finals, I had a paper, presentation, AND exam for each class! It’s so CRAZY. Other students say they are busy too…I wonder what they’ll say if they were a science major like me lol.

My science courses were so hard this quarter and I’m really nervous over their finals. I’ve made literally hundreds of flashcards for each test in these classes and they didn’t help… I also tried getting help from others, reading my notes, and reading my textbook but it’s not working. I’m wondering what else I can do, as the final is worth a lot more points and will either make or break my grade.

Boys are stupid. They tell you they’ll come see you and they never do. You see them when you hang out with your mutual friends and they look at you and talk to you like nothing’s ever happened between you two. Even my little 9 years old girls that I mentor at the YMCA every week tell me I deserve better.

Something did make me happy though amongst all this drama. My professor, who chose me for the job position called me today to check if I was still interested for the position. I told her that with all my heart I am still passionate about the position and there is no other job on campus I would rather have. But, I’m currently having trouble with my courses and I’m nervous to see if I will still meet the GPA requirement. She asked if everything has been okay and to explain what’s been going on with my “rough quarter”. I told her how frustrated I’ve been with all the work I’ve been having to do and the lack of sleep I’ve been going through all quarter. The only time I would be in my dorm room was to sleep. And shower. Yea, it was that bad. I couldn’t tell her about the verbal bullying I had to go through with my roommate as well being sick often. She responded very kindly saying that she is glad I was honest with her, and she would still keep me and help me if something bad was to occur. I was so soothed by her words. It made my week.

Another thing that made me happy, my ex was reading this blog and told me “I hope you do end up getting everything you want, because you do have a big heart.” And I asked him “How do you know I have a big heart?” I thought he’d say something like…”because you brag about it on your blog!” But instead, he said the words that touched my soul, “Because I was blessed enough to have WITNESSED it.”

One other thing did help me loosen up a little this week. My friend Dan (who I told you guys about earlier), who I was presenting with for our final project, added a little advertisement into our presentation 😉 He was referring to the fact he accidentally did the section I was originally supposed to do haha.

Dan's Slides

xoxo. S.

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