On this snow day…that wasn’t actually a snow day for me! #ScienceMajors

Hi reader.

What day is today? Whattttt? It’s only Tuesday? Why 😦 It feels like such a long week already dear reader 😦

You see, there’s a snowstorm here in Chicago. And my college decided to cancel all classes AFTER 1:00 pm today. Yea. #SnowDay. Which was super awesome for all my normal friends whose classes are all after 1:00 everyday….

BUT ABSOLUTELY AWFUL FOR SCIENCE MAJORS LIKE ME. Not only did I have to get my butt out at 7:00 in the morning today (after going to sleep at 4 in the morning), I had to sit through all my difficult and boring science related classes this morning 😦 AND, for the class that I was supposed to have at 4:00 day? Yea we may not be meeting, but that 5 page paper that was originally due today (which normal proffesors would accept in their hand on the day we get back) … must be submitted online ASAP today :0

Wowww haha. I guess this is just preparing me for the future in my medical career. There aren’t any snow days given out in healthcare professions either! 😉

Stay warm if any of you guys are in this snowy area 🙂 And to the rest of you, have a lovely week and don’t forget to SMILE!

xoxo. S.

P.S- I am so happy you guys really like this week’s song of the week, it has always been one of my favorites ❤

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