Favorite Chick Flicks For Certain Romantic Situations (Singles Valentine’s Day Special!)

Reader ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet reader. Can I just say, that I love you. Most people don’t just read blogs after a long day you know! Also like I said, it is Valentine’s day and you should be loved ❤

So I don’t know about you guys, but I am yet again, SINGLE this Valentine’s Day 😦 So I’m curling up in bed with a few chick flicks 🙂 It’s funny how sometimes, we can totally bond with the character in a movie. So, here’s to you guys ❤ Movies for certain situations in love lives.

Situation # 1- “Friends With Benefits”

Gotta love this one. Look at that, there was a movies specifically MADE for this situation! This is typical, you meet someone and become great friends. Then you start to kind of want more, but you don’t want to hurt your friendship by getting into a serious relationship. So you decided to become friends….with benefits! All the joys of being friends and being intimate without commitment. No strings attached. Oh and if you’re wondering, that’s a movie too :p (No Stings Attached) Came out around the same time as this one and has a similar plot haha. Anyways, back to this. The problem with this is, a lot of times, one person get attached. And then the other person gets hurt 😦 But for the sake of Hollywood, in both of these movies the characters both fall in love and live happily ever after. Good for them.

Situation # 2- You are always torn apart and don’t know which man to choose.

Dear god. Please do not even get me started on this one, this is my FAVORITE movie and I will never get enough of it. Bridget Jones is an amazing woman. She’s funny and adorable, she always has 2 men in her life. One is a very succesful man, he is sweet and a great lawyer. But the other one is a very handsome bad boy, he is manipulative, a man whore, and fit’s just about every bad characteristic that a man could have.

Situation # 3- You always loved someone, but your best friend took them.

Oooo. Tough one. You met a guy in college, you guys were best friends, went all the way to law school. And then at a party, your best friend since kindergarten meets him. Next thing you know, she’s ENGAGED to the man you’ve been in love with all these years! Watch Something Borrowed and steal him back 😉

Situation # 4- You finally met the love of your life, but he is not the same background as your family!

Love this one. After years and years, you finally meet that special someone. But you come from a very traditional family….and he does not :0 What do you do? Watch this!! 🙂

Situation # 5- You have stopped believing in finding love, so you took matters into your own hands- but then the unexpected happens!

Awwwww this is probably in my tope 5 all time favorite movies. J Lo is one amazing woman in this movies, she is so tired of looking for love and just wants too have a baby! Through a lot of treatment by herself, she finds out she’s pregnant. But right then, she meets this amazing guy and now he has to decide if he wants to have this baby with her. All I can say is (just so I don’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t watched it!), what a great guy ❤

Situation # 6- You believe men only want one thing. (You go girl! just kidding, don’t yell at me gentlemen <3)

Yes. What a cute movie. I can’t even find words, if you are a girl like me that hasn’t been proved wrong yet- go watch this. You won’t be proved wrong but it’s adorable ❤

Honestly you guys, I think I can have a field day writing about these haha. We will have to continue this list later! I want to go back to watching Bridget Jones’s Diary 😉 Have a lovely Single Awareness/Valentine’s day everyone. You are sooo loved ❤

xoxo. S.




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