Drag queens, Paella, twerking, my girls, and other weekly musings!

drag queensDraq queens.

Wow reader. What an eventful week.

So um. I went to my first ever drag show Wednesday night. It. was. interesting! Hahaha. Apparently, I was a drag show VIRGIN :0 Shhh, not allowed to say that word here!

Anyways, only after I came back, I learned the rules of going to a drag show…thanks to a fellow blogger at http://schlomosteel.com/2012/02/06/so-youre-going-to-your-first-drag-show/.

1.) “Don’t fucking walk where someone is performing.”

2.) “Don’t fucking boo. Ever.”

3.) “Don’t try to be funnier than her.”

Lol and this was my favorite rule:

4.) “Virgin-iquette

Frequently, the person with the microphone will ask if this is anyone’s first time or if there are any straight people in the audience.

Do not raise your hand unless you are ready for a good ribbing.

This ribbing might include calling you to the stage. If you are nice, the person with the microphone will be nice. Well, drag-queen nice, which is nice coated in funny-mean. (See reading above.)

Answer the nice lady’s questions and then sit your ass down. Now, wasn’t that fun?

Yes, I completely agree. Almost all these things were applicable to the show I was at! One of the drag queens actually sat on a straight girls lap and practically fondled her! Oooo I was so embarrassed for her.

Oh well. It was a fun experience!

Food from Spain and twerking

So you know. Life with men that don’t want you as much as you want them or men that just want to use you, and being a science major with no life, my friends felt bad for me and wanted to take me out again. We went to this wonderful Spanish restaurant. And ooo it was a fun night.

On our way there, we saw this very young guy our age…twerking on an older woman! And she was just standing there, smoking, and enjoying it haha! I don’t know if they were dating or what but it was HILARIOUS!

But anyways,paella we went to the lovely Spanish restaurant and had Paella. It was a rice dish with chicken and vegetables. Try it if you haven’t! :)

enrique iglesias

When us ladies weren’t eating, we were oogling the cute latino boys (or was that just me?? ;) My friend asked to get the rest of her food to-go, me being my sassy self nudged her and said “I’ll tell you what I’ll take to-go!” and pointed to the cute Puerto Rican boy eyeing me. Yea she dragged me out of there shortly after that…. fun night ;)

My girls

And finally, yesterday, Friday. Yesterday was the end of the year celebration at the place where I do service and mentor my girls. It was absolutely beautiful, right when I walked in….they ran up to me and hugged me! I met their lovely families and spent time with them. At the end, their teacher shared this poem with all of us volunteers, and I felt so loved.

“It Only Takes a Moment”

“It only takes a moment
to reach out to be a friend,
but to the one who needs you
the memory never ends.

A simple act of kindness
to a person you don’t know
may plant a seed of friendship
that for them will always grow.

We sometimes lose perspective
of the difference we can make,
when we care more of our giving
and care less of what we take.

So remember that your actions
may help change a life someday.
Always think about the person
that you meet along the way.

For it only takes a moment
to reach out to be a friend,
but to the one who needs you
the memory never ends.”

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend reader!

xoxo. SassPrincess.